1 in 4 motorists never check their tyre tread depth

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1 in 4 motorists never check their tyre tread depth

1 in 4 motorists never check their tyre tread depth

Almost one quarter (24%) of drivers have never thought to check their tyre tread depth – while another 45% have admitted to not checking it in the last 6 months.

This statistic is taken from research recently released by Hankook Tyres, which found that also 4 out of 5 motorists are not aware of the minimum legal depth of tyre tread!

This month is Tyre Safety Month, designed to raise awareness of tyre safety among motorists. Drivers are being warned that if they drive with tyre tread below 1.6mm, if stopped by the police this could result in a fine of up to £2500 and 3 penalty points PER TYRE. If you have 4 bald tyres, you can do the maths and realise you have a big problem on your hands. Worn tyres are also very dangerous, increasing stopping distance & there is a high risk of losing grip in on wet roads.

Younger drivers are less likely to be aware of the 20p test for checking their car tyres, Hankooks survey also revealed. This test requires placing a twenty pence coin in the main tread channels in different parts of the tyre. When you do this if you can see the outer band of the coin face, this means the tyre tread is too low and likely to be illegal.

More alarming news was that only 47% of drivers said they would replace their tyres as soon as they reach the minimum legal tread depth – and 14% said they would only consider buying new tyres if they had a puncture or if their tyre was flat.

Drivers are also unaware of the meaning of the code on the side of their tyres which reveals the size of the tyre, while almost half (45%) of younger drivers would consider buying part-worn tyres even though they were not aware of the tyre history or how safe they are compared to new tyres.


This month it is National Tyre Safety Month. In support of this we would like to raise local awareness of our free tyre safety check. If you need tyres in Leeds, or just want advice relating to how safe your tyres are, we are always on-hand to help and advise.



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