Hot weather safety tips for your car!

Hot weather safety tips for cars, what to do for cars in hot weather, Performance Tyres Leeds

Hot weather safety tips for your car!

With 30 degree temperatures forecast to continue throughout the weekend and into next week we are all punching the air. Planning a road trip or day to the coast? We are probably all thinking the same, you may be prepared but how prepared is your car?

Tyres overheating

Cars are more vulnerable to problems in extreme heat – and this week in particular drivers should be careful.
In high temperatures such as these, the air inside your tyres will expand and affect the pressure which could lead to a blowout. The heat can cause the rubber of a tyre to disintegrate too, so be sure to check the condition of your tyres – damage, wearing and pressure – especially before heading out on a long road trip.

Is your engine fluid topped up?

The hot temperature also affects temperature of the fluids inside your engine.

Oil & coolant are essential for cooling down your engine and keeping it running when it’s being pushed to the extreme. Check your levels before embarking on a journey and top up when needed.

Park in the shade & take care of your car battery

Car batteries are made of acid & water & the water will evaporate faster than the acid in hot temperatures, leaving lead plates bare. Park your car in the shade to prevent levels from depleting.

Buy a sun shade for your car

Its awful when you get back into you car on a boiling hot day and get burned by the seats or steering wheel isn’t it?A reflective sun shade for the windscreen will help prevent the car from getting too hot inside and burning your butt! Sun shades are also useful for passenger seats and can protect your child from glare of on long car journeys.

Remember your emergency kit

As with any long car journey you should always remember to travel with a well-stocked emergency kit, especially in extreme weather conditions.

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